A New Adventure


Yesterday I joined the thousands of hanky waving mothers as Peter drove away back to Swansea to begin his second year of studies. I had a rare day off work. Firstly to help with packing and those final walks around to make sure nothing was left behind, as I for one do know the cost of postage these days!  Secondly I knew I would not be fit company for the duration of his journey.  I had a text from Exeter letting me know all was well so far and I finally exhaled an enormous sigh of relief at 7.15pm after a quick call to say he had arrived safely.

The student rental house will have 5 physicists sharing.  Oh my goodness, you could write a television sitcom about that…. oh, but that’s been done already!  First reports are that It is a fantastic house fitted out with washing machine and dishwasher. I wish them all the very best for the year ahead and a happy time in their new home.

Being busy at work today the time just flew by.  Now  I keep wondering if I should be doing anything to prepare for next week. I suppose I associate the student life with packing and moving  as Peter and many other young adults have done.   But I’m already here!  The campus is about quarter of a mile away and can be seen quite clearly from the end of the road!  I have enrolled online, bought the recommended books (second hand through Amazon), I’ve even got a Onesie!  I’m like one of those kids dressed and ready at the door raring to go on the first day of school.

So there’s nothing else to be done, I will have a glass of wine, watch a detective show and chill out with the cat.

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  1. Hi Julia.I’m loving your blog and to be honest with you, you are a leading light to me at the mo. My youngest is about to leave home,taking my 3 year old grandson with him, and education is calling me.So i can relate to you and find inspiration in your journey, Wishing you much love and luck and i look forward to following your progress xx Brenda

  2. Hi Brenda, long time no see! Hope you are well. I spent a long while bringing up my boy and doing jobs to keep ticking over… I just thought that I should do something while I still can. I would rather try than not try, what is there to loose? It is however a bit daunting as the start date approaches, but hey, that’s ok, I will go with the flow. If I can inspire anyone of an “ahem” mature age to try something new, then that is just great. Look at how brilliant you are, singing live, the band and all that, that is amazing. Good luck hun. Catch up soon. xx

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