A New Adventure

28 Days Later

This seems appropriate as there have been a few viruses travelling through campus during my first few weeks and I have succumbed to one or two.  Particularly memorable is the Norovirus  type tummy bug that brought my bathroom and I closer than we have been, and I love my bathroom.  It is the best room in the house, having had a major overhaul two years ago, but I have spent more time there of late than I would have thought possible!

Also of course is the symbolism that I have now been in Uni for nearly a whole month, and am surviving to tell the tale!

This week I bring: ” …good tidings of great joy”, (The Bible. King James Version Luke 2:10-14) while I simultaneously try to practice the Harvard referencing system in preparation for the essays to follow!

This week ‘Self Generated News Story 1’ was submitted as part of the module ‘Writing for the Media’.

The pressure was on, we had to go to Falmouth and write a real story.  It seemed appropriate  to write about the ‘Oyster Festival’ which was taking place last weekend. There was a deadline.  Things were now happening and becoming real.

My initial story was way over the word count  of 150 words.  I have too much to say, about everything!  So I had to cut and cut again.  The deadline was 17.00 on Friday, but as I was working that day I had to submit before finishing for the day on Thursday.

I took advantage of the gap between lectures on Thursday to finalise my story and submit before grabbing a much needed sandwich.  I now wish I had waited until after the next lecture…

It became apparent in the afternoon lecture that the preferred ‘House Style’ is to precede a quote with a colon, I had put a comma before my quote. Eek! Oh No!

So I thought, OK, lets not worry about that, I can explain that slight variation, I’m sorry and I won’t do it again!  But there is worse to come!

Having never submitted anything online previously in a Higher Education Institution and unsure of whether I had submitted at all I pressed the button twice.  I even asked a member of the IT staff if they thought I had submitted my story, Oh boy, did I feel like a plank!

It was only when I checked the ‘Learning Space’ a sort of campus online holy bible – to be checked as often as possible during the day, that I saw I had email confirmations of my submission (TWICE) and realised that I had indeed sent my assignment TWICE (Oh the shame, cringe!).

While on the portal, I noticed that next weeks assignment details (an expansion of the story we wrote last week) were available.  Only then did I learn that a ‘Source Sheet’ (the people we interviewed and their contact details) should be copied and pasted at the end of the main document.  I had submitted mine as a separate sheet! (Oh no, more shame!)

I am trying to be philosophical, I can’t be the only numpty to have misread so many signals, can I? I will take on board all the lessons learned and all that.  I am trying to incorporate all the modules, all the suggested reading, the whole new environment and culture I find myself in, so I hope I can be forgiven for being a bit of an idiot on this first task. I will get better, I will learn fast, I AM savvy to what is happening around me,  honest!

All I know right now is how little I actually know!

Comments on: "28 Days Later" (2)

  1. Liz Mitchell said:

    Phahaha! Well done Ju! just a glitch in timing by the sounds of things…go girl!xx

  2. At least you don’t have to write it all long hand. My wrist used to ache after five pages so had to head off to the pub regularly to strengthen said left hand…..

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