A New Adventure

Specialist Correspondent?


November 26, 2015

If I have one complaint about this module, it is that I would have preferred when writing as a specialist correspondent, to have one specialism. So far, with my enthusiasm for cyber-crime, I have chosen to write my essay and one feature on this subject. However, I have to choose another specialism to write in and that seems inconsistent and has been distracting me. I understand that I must demonstrate different styles of writing, but it seems silly to say I am specialising in crime but here is a travel feature I wrote.

Anyway, moving on, I have seen a rather interesting article on travel to Antarctica. A specially adapted Boeing 757 aircraft has landed on the blue ice runway at Union Glacier camp to test the feasibility of commercial flights in the future. It is currently possible to fly to Antarctica but the aircraft are not luxurious due to the requirements of transporting cargo. I am amazed at the number of travel opportunities that are available for adventurous travellers to this barren icy continent by sea and air. It is even possible to camp overnight at the South Pole. How cool is that? I think this is a good starting place for a travel feature. Antarctica is such an isolated location with a challenging environment, but it is attracting (wealthy) holiday-makers.

I am still narrowing down ideas for a feature on cyber-crime. I have tons of statistics which is so confusing. Also different countries have different definitions and legislation so I have decided that I will target my feature (and essay) on the UK. It appears for every traditional crime there is a cyber-equivalent, theft, harassment, fraud. I particularly like Yvonne Jewkes definition:

With the right equipment and sufficient technical know-how you can – if you are so inclined – buy a bride, cruise gay bars, go on a global shopping spree with someone else’s credit card, break into a bank’s security system, plan a demonstration in another country and hack into the Pentagon – all on the same day… Anonymity, disembodiment, outreach and speed are the hallmarks of internet communication and combined, they can make us feel daring, liberated, infallible.”

JEWKES, Y. 2003. Dot.cons: Crime, Deviance and Identity on the Internet. Collumpton: Willan.

Of course, I do not advocate that you try any of those suggestions, I am just demonstrating what an extensive subject this is.

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