A New Adventure

A group of Falmouth University students have launched a campaign to raise awareness about disability.

Ingrid Busengdal, an event manager for the Disability campaign said: “This is a student-led project which aims to break down the negative stigma and stereotypes created by the mainstream against disability.”


The project aims to promote a correct mainstream representation of disability through raising awareness of the social model of disability which states ‘People with impairments are disabled by the fact that they are excluded from … mainstream of society as a result of physical, organisational and attitudinal barriers’.

Ms Busengdal added: “In order to do this, The Disability Campaign is running Don’t DisAbility week alongside the FXU from the 9th to the 12th of February 2016. We have a series of events to be held next week. We will be established as a university society this year and we plan to make this an annual campaign in the future.”

The group will be set up in The Compass all week along with their supporters from Falmouth University Feminist Society stalls from a variety of charities including Scope, Sense and Cornwall Dyslexia Association.



A full list of activities is planned throughout the week including a pub quiz, speed dating, a sensory experience and a sports day. For full details check out the Facebook page.

Project Manager Mackinlay Ingham said: “Under the social model of disability anybody with asthma, an allergy or has ever been intoxicated, has at some point disabled themselves or been disabled. An example of why we promote this all-inclusive attitude is, Can disabled people have sex?

“I am a wheelchair user and without fail on a night out the number one question I get asked is: Can you have sex? My reply to that is, can you have sex? As the person asking the question is normally extremely intoxicated and therefore as disabled as me.

“The aim of my campaign is to raise awareness of the fact that we are all disabled – there should be no negative connotations to the word, it is a description. I am a wheelchair user and I am more than able but society would say different. The activities will allow people to experience everyday situations from a different perspective.”



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