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A moment to reflect

Hook Editorial Team 2015-2016

Hook Editorial Team 2015-2016. Photo source: Greg McKinney

I am taking a short break away from my dissertation. I have a lot of thoughts whirring around in my mind and I want to give them a chance to settle into some sort of logical order.

Since Hook shut down for the summer, I have been maniacally busy constructing my portfolios for submission. The final print made a dent in my printer credit… 110 pages give or take. That was a lot of writing! The dissertation may be something like that too.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. Three years ago I was working full-time, anticipating the excitement of a new adventure and now it is drawing to a close.

I will take all the lessons learned and apply them to my writing in the future. It will be a little daunting without the safety net of the tutors for guidance. I am so pleased that I look the opportunity to leave my safe life and experience university and all that it offers. The adventure has opened my mind, kept my outlook youthful and given me confidence to move on to another chapter in my life. So with this ending there is a new beginning.

I will just say finally, good luck to all the 2013-2016 journos and many thanks to all the tutors in particular Dr Hayes Mabweazara, our course tutor and my dissertaion supervisor.

See you all at the Falitzers.

Students Launch Campaign Regarding Disability

A group of Falmouth University students have launched a campaign to raise awareness about disability.

Ingrid Busengdal, an event manager for the Disability campaign said: “This is a student-led project which aims to break down the negative stigma and stereotypes created by the mainstream against disability.”


The project aims to promote a correct mainstream representation of disability through raising awareness of the social model of disability which states ‘People with impairments are disabled by the fact that they are excluded from … mainstream of society as a result of physical, organisational and attitudinal barriers’.

Ms Busengdal added: “In order to do this, The Disability Campaign is running Don’t DisAbility week alongside the FXU from the 9th to the 12th of February 2016. We have a series of events to be held next week. We will be established as a university society this year and we plan to make this an annual campaign in the future.”

The group will be set up in The Compass all week along with their supporters from Falmouth University Feminist Society stalls from a variety of charities including Scope, Sense and Cornwall Dyslexia Association.



A full list of activities is planned throughout the week including a pub quiz, speed dating, a sensory experience and a sports day. For full details check out the Facebook page.

Project Manager Mackinlay Ingham said: “Under the social model of disability anybody with asthma, an allergy or has ever been intoxicated, has at some point disabled themselves or been disabled. An example of why we promote this all-inclusive attitude is, Can disabled people have sex?

“I am a wheelchair user and without fail on a night out the number one question I get asked is: Can you have sex? My reply to that is, can you have sex? As the person asking the question is normally extremely intoxicated and therefore as disabled as me.

“The aim of my campaign is to raise awareness of the fact that we are all disabled – there should be no negative connotations to the word, it is a description. I am a wheelchair user and I am more than able but society would say different. The activities will allow people to experience everyday situations from a different perspective.”



Falmouth University Students Create Escape Room

A group of students from Falmouth University are planning an exciting and innovative team-building exercise to be held on Monday evening, January 11, 2016.

The ‘Escape’ event has been devised by BiJun Pan and three of her fellow Creative Event Management classmates as part of their assessed coursework to help students develop their critical, logical and observation skills while having an enjoyable evening.

Ms Pan said: “The event is based on an immersive escape room situation. This involves a team of four, known to each other or not, entering a room where they will be consequently locked into. To escape the room, the team must find and solve cryptic clues, perplexing puzzles and mysterious riddles. However, to make it that much more engaging, all this must be done within 20 minutes of entering the room.”

escape event

Escape event flyer. Picture source BiJun Pan

The vision of the event is: “To develop essential skills whilst having a fun experience with friends, or enabling participants to meet new people in a socially interactive and immersive evening,” added Ms Pan.

The event will take place in the Production Space at the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA) from 4pm to 9pm in ten sessions of 20 minutes. Participation is free of charge.

Anyone interested in taking part can book a slot here.

Magazine Reflections – Five

27 May 2015

The end is in sight. The team met today for a marathon session. We made last minute changes and completed the final touches. The end result of all our labour – we have a magazine!

This has been a rather hectic couple of weeks as I have been getting my head around Adobe Indesign. I have made a lot of progress and feel more confident using this programme now.

This has been a very useful module in that it has been a practical exercise which mirrors all that happens in the ‘real’ world of magazine production.


We have all worked to our strengths and supported each other throughout this process. Everyone has contributed and I am very proud of what we have achieved. I have really enjoyed being a part of this team and will miss the camaraderie and mad moments.


Magazine Reflections – Four

6 May 2015

Following a much needed Easter break, we have been on work placements for another module. I have been caught up researching and writing for that as it is due for submission in two weeks.

I am aware how little time is left to complete everything so my time management is now crucial. I have also started a new job and had to work all three days of the bank holiday weekend.

It seems ages since the evolve team met last although we have been in touch over the break. We have been sub-editing each other’s written content to make final revisions. The master template for the magazine has been amended as we tested out how the content looks on the page.

It is important to ensure that we have a consistent theme throughout the magazine. We have chosen the font and decided on what size the different text should be. The colour themes we had previously chosen have been revised.

I am pleased with my second feature – about road rage. The idea came to me as I was driving through town recently. There were quite a few inconsiderate and rude drivers out that day. One stopped to let a passenger out but didn’t bother to use the indicator. Then I let a whole bunch of cars through on a narrow road even though I had right of way and none of them acknowledged as I would have done.

road rage 2


The best one was a really grumpy man who sped up to pass a parked delivery van on his side of the road. I had to break sharply or there would have been a head on crash. He must have realised his stupidity, however instead of a sheepish apology, which would have been acceptable to me considering the circumstances… HE decided to rant at ME!  I gave him my best icy stare and drove off. But thank you Mr Grumpy Man for the idea!

Magazine Reflections – Three

25 March 2015

Recently Brendan and Becky from wed magazine came in to talk to us about their successful niche magazine. Afterwards we all gave presentations on our magazines; concepts, target audience and content. Brendan and Becky gave us constructive feedback on our magazine and content ideas.

wed magazine

wed magazine


We have also had another Indesign workshop but I am not making much progress in that area yet as I have been focussing on the writing element of the module.

As we develop our style, we are pitching feature and review ideas and adding to our Pinterest page.


A feature is a story, but with more range than a news story. It offers more than the balanced objective facts. The scope of a feature allows the writer to add ‘colour’ to the story by way of setting a scene and detailed descriptions of people or events. There is still structure within a feature but the language and style can be more informal.

My first feature idea is on women voting. I have discovered that at the last election in 2010, more than nine million women did not vote, I want to try and discover why. Historically, women had no right to vote and many died in the cause of women’s suffrage. Voting is a current issue as there will soon be a general election.

So far I have submitted drafts of a review and a feature. The feedback from Angela has been constructive. I need to re-write my rather rambling feature on women voting as it needs more structure. My review was also far too long.



Magazine Reflections – Two

4 March 2015

Today we had an Adobe Indesign workshop with Duncan to look at design and layout themes.  I managed to make a complete hash of the whole thing. I am a bit behind on digital applications but I am looking forward to the challenge. Indesign is the industry standard form for magazine production and it will be a useful skill to add to my CV.

Lucy, our arts and design editor, has created a selection of logos for us to choose from and we are looking at different fonts in order to suit the content of the magazine.


A review is an evaluation or synopsis. It could be on anything, a car, a computer a bed, a meal – the list is endless. For this type of review a comprehensive understanding of the product or service is necessary. A potential customer wants all the facts in order to make a decision to purchase or not.

When reviewing films, (or books, theatre performances etc) the style is different. It is important not to give too much of the plot away – ‘a spoiler’. Around the facts, the characters, the writers and an outline of the story, the reviewer must weave in their opinions and whether they recommend it. This leaves the potential customer to decide whether to watch or attend.

For my review I was planning to watch The Theory of Everything as Eddie Redmayne has just won an Oscar for his portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawkings. I had to change my plans though as it was a matinee show and I was unable to attend. Instead I watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

See a clip here.