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A moment to reflect

Hook Editorial Team 2015-2016

Hook Editorial Team 2015-2016. Photo source: Greg McKinney

I am taking a short break away from my dissertation. I have a lot of thoughts whirring around in my mind and I want to give them a chance to settle into some sort of logical order.

Since Hook shut down for the summer, I have been maniacally busy constructing my portfolios for submission. The final print made a dent in my printer credit… 110 pages give or take. That was a lot of writing! The dissertation may be something like that too.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. Three years ago I was working full-time, anticipating the excitement of a new adventure and now it is drawing to a close.

I will take all the lessons learned and apply them to my writing in the future. It will be a little daunting without the safety net of the tutors for guidance. I am so pleased that I look the opportunity to leave my safe life and experience university and all that it offers. The adventure has opened my mind, kept my outlook youthful and given me confidence to move on to another chapter in my life. So with this ending there is a new beginning.

I will just say finally, good luck to all the 2013-2016 journos and many thanks to all the tutors in particular Dr Hayes Mabweazara, our course tutor and my dissertaion supervisor.

See you all at the Falitzers.

Hook shuts down for summer

Hook Editorial Team 2015-2016 Photo source Greg McKinney

Hook Editorial Team 2015-2016. Photo source Greg McKinney



Hook will be going offline for the summer as the students who produce it make final preparations for their graduation.

The twenty-eight journalism students, designed and created the online magazine with support from tutors as part of the Multimedia Enterprise module toward their degree qualification.

Contributory writer for Hook, Jennie Kite said: “When we started did a lot of group work and had a lot of meetings for the choice of name for the website…We all had to come up with suggestions and pitch them to Dragon’s Den style.”

The Hook website took six weeks to develop with input from students who participated in every decision from developing the concept for a digital publication, designing the logo and visualising the website.

Since Hook became active the students have published almost 500 news stories and features by holding live news days every Friday, creating the atmosphere of a live newsroom.

Julia writing a news story. Photo source Alex Green

Julia writing a news story. Photo source Alex Green

Lizzy Bailey said: “I really like the whole concept of Hook and how we all work in teams each week. It actually feels like a real newsroom each Friday. I have learnt a lot more about targeting stories, working to a deadline and sub-editing. I have particularly enjoyed filming bulletins and videos to add multimedia elements to our website. I feel proud to be a part of creating the brand Hook at Falmouth University.”

Recalling her experiences, Alice Webber said: “For me, Hook has been an insight into the reality of a newsroom. Thrown in at the deep end, I think we’ve swum rather than sunk!”

Hook will return in the next academic year with a new group of students taking over the reins.

From the class of 2013-2016, good luck!

Genevieve editing a video. Photo source Alex Green

Genevieve editing a video. Photo source Alex Green


Hannah, Jimmy and Dan sub-editing. Photo source Alex Green

Hannah, Jimmy and Dan sub-editing. Photo source Alex Green


Henry writing a feature. Photo source Alex Green

Henry writing a feature. Photo source Alex Green


* Additional credit and thanks to Alex Green for photography and to Genevieve Tyler and Gabrielle Boxall-Legge for production of audio-visual material.