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Youth service secures funding for another year

The town council has agreed to provide funding for Penryn Youth Service to enable them to continue running for another year.

The service, run by the Dracaena Centre, was piloted in Falmouth last year to help improve young people’s lives and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

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At a previous meeting in October 2015, it was decided that £6,750 would be needed to continue the service and a suitable venue was being sought for meetings in Penryn.


The council agreed that the Old Gentlemen’s Shelter on Quay Hill was available and a suitable venue for the Young Women’s Café.

Other services provided by the youth service include drop-in sessions offering advice on housing, relationships and finances.




Let’s dredge to transform our waterfront

Retired businessman and former Falmouth Town Centre Manager David Pollard has outlined his vision to regenerate the waterways of Penryn and Truro.

In his presentation of The Jigsaw Project at the Penryn Town Council meeting on Monday, Mr Pollard explained that by dredging a two-metre-deep channel in the centre of the Penryn River, the estuary and waterway could be opened up to river transport. This would enable more waterborne recreation and possibly provide a ferry transport link which are currently restricted due to the build-up of silt.

Penryn waterfront. Photo source Alice Shelock

Penryn waterfront. Photo source Alice Shelock


Demonstrating photographs of Penryn harbour at low tide, Mr Pollard said: “Penryn has the most to gain from it… there is great potential, if you reawaken that wonderful asset, that is water, just outside your front door.”

Mr Pollard added: “Regenerating the waterfronts would be an asset for residents, businesses and tourists.” He also explained that a lightweight catamaran could carry up to 300 passengers and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to travelling by car.

Funding Secured For Glasney Playing Field

Work will soon be underway to improve the poor condition of Glasney playing field in Penryn as up to £165,000 funding has been made available.

Glasney Greenspace Regeneration Project (GGSRP), a volunteer organisation, have been working with Cornwall Council and Penryn Town Council to secure Section 106 funding.

GGSRP representative, Pip Carlton-Barnes said on their website: “In its current state the water-logged playing field is barely accessible for the larger part of the year and in recent weeks we have seen the removal of the dangerous goal posts.

“To date we have managed to get the poor drainage investigated and then funded by section 106 money…We have cleared many loads of fly-tipped rubbish from the valley and uncovered beautiful old hand built follies from beneath 30 or so years’ worth of vegetation. We have even planted 5000 daffodil bulbs to bring 5000 rays of sunshine to everyone who passes through.”

The old BMX track at Glasney Field. Photo source Julia Conway

The old BMX track at Glasney Field. Photo source Julia Conway

Cornwall Council’s Public Space Officer, Donald Martin told Hook: “What we are doing at the moment is working very closely with the Town Council and the GGSRP group and money has been earmarked for that site.


“There are a number of priorities; one is drainage, another is tree works and there are footpath improvements to be done. The BMX track is a priority as well to repair it and bring it up to standard.

“The next part of the process is looking at the extent of the tree works and working with engineers to come up with a suitable plan for the footpaths and the main playing field. We are also working with a contractor on how we bring the skate park up to standard. When we have all that we together we will go back to the Town Council with costings. Then we will agree a programme of works. We are pushing to get that through this year.”


Student visit to Malawi

Student Plans Alternative Holiday

By Julia Conway

A student from Penryn is making preparations to spend a month of his summer break working in Malawi on a sports outreach programme.

Robert Banks, 22, a former Penryn College pupil has just completed his second year at the University of Gloucester where he is studying towards a degree in Physical Education and Sports Coaching.

The Sport Malawi initiative uses sport as a vehicle for community development with particular emphasis on youth, inclusion and HIV prevention. Mr Banks said: “I’ve done all the different lads holidays, I thought it’s time to put my degree to some use and give something back to the people who have been less fortunate than I am.”

A group of ten students accompanied by three lecturers begin their journey with a 16 hour flight to Lilongwe on 12 June. They will then travel north to Mzuzu, an eight hour journey on mostly dirt roads. “We’ll be staying in the old university chapel, basic accommodation. We’ll have to cook on an open fire and the electricity goes off at night,” added Mr Banks.

The team will travel daily to schools in rural areas to hold sports activities and workshops for children aged five to 18. The team supplies much needed sports equipment and kit to the schools. They also help with community projects. “Last year they built a room to put the sports equipment in,” said Mr Banks.

Established in 2008, Sport Malawi expeditions have been running for seven years and have grown year upon year. It is estimated that more than 2,500 Malawi participants have benefited from the activities. At the end of the expedition the Sport Malawi team plan to go on a safari and go fishing on the lake.

To raise funds Mr Banks has participated in a 24 hour sponsored cycle, cake sales and packed bags at supermarkets. He has set up a donation page available at:


Robert Banks after completing the Cardiff Half Marathon

Robert Banks after completing the Cardiff Half Marathon

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