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Magazine Reflections – Four

6 May 2015

Following a much needed Easter break, we have been on work placements for another module. I have been caught up researching and writing for that as it is due for submission in two weeks.

I am aware how little time is left to complete everything so my time management is now crucial. I have also started a new job and had to work all three days of the bank holiday weekend.

It seems ages since the evolve team met last although we have been in touch over the break. We have been sub-editing each other’s written content to make final revisions. The master template for the magazine has been amended as we tested out how the content looks on the page.

It is important to ensure that we have a consistent theme throughout the magazine. We have chosen the font and decided on what size the different text should be. The colour themes we had previously chosen have been revised.

I am pleased with my second feature – about road rage. The idea came to me as I was driving through town recently. There were quite a few inconsiderate and rude drivers out that day. One stopped to let a passenger out but didn’t bother to use the indicator. Then I let a whole bunch of cars through on a narrow road even though I had right of way and none of them acknowledged as I would have done.

road rage 2


The best one was a really grumpy man who sped up to pass a parked delivery van on his side of the road. I had to break sharply or there would have been a head on crash. He must have realised his stupidity, however instead of a sheepish apology, which would have been acceptable to me considering the circumstances… HE decided to rant at ME!  I gave him my best icy stare and drove off. But thank you Mr Grumpy Man for the idea!