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Let’s dredge to transform our waterfront

Retired businessman and former Falmouth Town Centre Manager David Pollard has outlined his vision to regenerate the waterways of Penryn and Truro.

In his presentation of The Jigsaw Project at the Penryn Town Council meeting on Monday, Mr Pollard explained that by dredging a two-metre-deep channel in the centre of the Penryn River, the estuary and waterway could be opened up to river transport. This would enable more waterborne recreation and possibly provide a ferry transport link which are currently restricted due to the build-up of silt.

Penryn waterfront. Photo source Alice Shelock

Penryn waterfront. Photo source Alice Shelock


Demonstrating photographs of Penryn harbour at low tide, Mr Pollard said: “Penryn has the most to gain from it… there is great potential, if you reawaken that wonderful asset, that is water, just outside your front door.”

Mr Pollard added: “Regenerating the waterfronts would be an asset for residents, businesses and tourists.” He also explained that a lightweight catamaran could carry up to 300 passengers and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to travelling by car.