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Magazine Reflections – Three

25 March 2015

Recently Brendan and Becky from wed magazine came in to talk to us about their successful niche magazine. Afterwards we all gave presentations on our magazines; concepts, target audience and content. Brendan and Becky gave us constructive feedback on our magazine and content ideas.

wed magazine

wed magazine


We have also had another Indesign workshop but I am not making much progress in that area yet as I have been focussing on the writing element of the module.

As we develop our style, we are pitching feature and review ideas and adding to our Pinterest page.


A feature is a story, but with more range than a news story. It offers more than the balanced objective facts. The scope of a feature allows the writer to add ‘colour’ to the story by way of setting a scene and detailed descriptions of people or events. There is still structure within a feature but the language and style can be more informal.

My first feature idea is on women voting. I have discovered that at the last election in 2010, more than nine million women did not vote, I want to try and discover why. Historically, women had no right to vote and many died in the cause of women’s suffrage. Voting is a current issue as there will soon be a general election.

So far I have submitted drafts of a review and a feature. The feedback from Angela has been constructive. I need to re-write my rather rambling feature on women voting as it needs more structure. My review was also far too long.